Kate Moss gives daughter white Mini for birthday just like one she used to drive


Kate Moss surprised her daughter Lila by gifting her a white Mini for her 18th birthday just like the one she used to drive.

The supermodel, 46, went all out for her girl’s big day – and Lila looked astounded when the car was delivered outside Kate’s home in north London.

Lila, who turned 18 on September 29, clamped her hands over her mouth in surprise as her mum and dad Jefferson Hack drove up in the vintage car.

Kate look thrilled as she watched her daughter inspect the Mini with a huge smile on her face,

She couldn’t resist hopping in and her mum took her for a quick spin in the new car.

Lila couldn’t hide her amazement when her mum and dad rocked up in the Mini

The car is a convertible and the pair made the most of the mild weather by taking the top down.

Lila’s dad Jefferson stood back and smiled as he watched his daughter’s incredible reaction to the present.

He also snapped a picture on his phone of Lila as she sat behind the wheel.

Lila looked thrilled to be given the keys to her new car

Kate looked thrilled at her daughter’s reaction

The family were also joined by Mary Davidson – Sadie Frost’s – who used to be the teenager’s nanny.

The Mini Cooper is almost identical to one driven by Kate 19 years ago after the model first passed her test.

Kate had been pictured back in 2001 having trouble reverse parking the Mini on a street in Notting Hill, west London.

Lil clamped her hands over her mouth in shock

Kate took Lila out for a spin

As well as driving the same car as her famous mum, Lila is following Kate’s footsteps into the modelling world.

She’s signed a lucrative contract, walked the runway at London Fashion Week and starred in a Marc Jacobs campaign – all before she hit the big 1-8 this week.

She’s also fronted ads for Chanel and Miu Miu and appeared on the cover of Dazed, the magazine founded by her dad.

The teenager couldn’t wait to get her hands on the car

It looks identical to one Kate used to drive

Kate dated Lila’s dad Jefferson Hack for several years in the early 2000s, and Lila was born in 2002.

The couple split, but remained on friendly terms and they have raised Lila together.

Kate is now dating German aristocrat Nikolai von Bismarck.


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