Jodeci’s Mr. Dalvin Brings On The ‘Goodtimez’ With a ‘Feel-Good Record’ Full of ‘Positivity’


In a world full of ‘negative and chaos,’ Mr. Dalvin hopes to spread the love with his new song, ‘Goodtimez,’ and the Jodeci singer tells HL EXCLUSIVELY why he felt he called to spread these ‘positive’ vibes.

2020 has brought about a certain mood, and it’s one that most would like to forget. In a year that has seen global pandemics, massive wildfires, a prolific hurricane season, and “murder hornets,” it’s easy to get caught up in all the gloom and doom outside your window. Thankfully, Mr. Dalvin – one-quarter of the legendary R&B quartet Jodeci – is here to brighten your day. With help from singer Tali and a sample from Chic’s “Good Times,” Mr. Dalvin blends his sultry brand of R&B with a happy memory of roller-skating in the summer of ’79. The end result is a much-needed burst of joy called “Goodtimez.”

“Goodtimez” is a feel-good record I made for all races and lovers of all genres. I know we’re all missing fun with family, friends, and living life!” Mr. Dalvin tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “Music has the power to unite and bring positivity at a time of uncertainty, negativity and chaos. That is why I felt it very necessary to write GOODTIMEZ! Something with a feel-good vibe and positive energy for everyone.”

Mr. Dalvin goes intergalactic (Darmaris Carter)

With “Goodtimez,” Mr. Dalvin continues his solo work under his K.A.M.P. Muzik label. The Charlotte, North Carolina native has been a music fixture since Jodeci burst on the scene in the early 1990s. Alongside Devané Swing, K-Ci, and JoJo, Mr. Dalvin, as part of this R&B quartet, went on to sell more than 25 million units. Their first three albums – Forever My Lady, Diary of a Mad Band, and The Show, The After Party, The Hotel – topped the Billboard R&B album charts. The group was known for its certified-Gold hits “Come and Talk to Me,” “Cry For You,” and “Freek’n You.”

With Jodeci taking a break after their third album, Mr. Dalvin embarked on a solo career that saw him release Met.A.Mor.Phic in 2000. He also has found success behind the scenes. His eye for talent helped discover Missy Elliot, as well as Stevie J of Love & Hip Hop fame. He also has worked with some major names, including Mariah Carey, Jewel, Mary J. Blige, the late Tupac Shakur, and Flo Rida.

Mr. Dalvin is here to bring the ‘goodtimez’ (Darmaris Carter)

Mr. Dalvin continues to perform solo and with Jodeci. The group reunited in 2014 and produced new music, including “Nobody Wins,” and 2015’s “Every Moment.” The reunion produced The Past, the Present, the Future, their first album in 20 years. Unfortunately, Jodeci isn’t performing anywhere at the moment – due to COVID – but until those “Goodtimez” return, we have Mr. Dalvin’s new song to get us through.


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