Ajman policeman comes to the aid to man who wants to have COVID-19 test

Ajman: In the true spirit of spreading a humanitarian message to the community, Ajman Police came to the aid of a resident who was not being able to complete his COVID-19 test for lack of a bank card.

The resident, Hamad Khalaf, was recently at a COVID-19 screening centre in Ajman to conduct his test. However, he could not complete his transaction as the centre was accepting only electronic payments and he did not have a bank card. Perplexed, he approached a patrol vehicle of the Ajman Police that was parked outside the centre.

To his surprise and delight, the policeman in the vehicle, Mohammad Abdel Qader Suleiman, stepped out with him and went across to the centre, where he completed the payment with his own bank card on Khalaf’s behalf. Not only that, Suleiman refused to take cash from Khalaf, saying that what he had done was a humanitarian and moral duty towards members of society.

In a thank-you letter sent to Ajman Police via Ajman Radio [Al Rabiaa Wa Al Nas], Khalaf expressed his happiness at the noble behaviour of the policeman. He also thanked the Ajman Police and its leadership for the sincerity of its message and its bearing of social responsibility, wishing it more distinction and prosperity.

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