Taco Cabana Celebrates National Taco Day by giving tacos for only $ 1 | The NY Journal

For just $ 1, you can have a feast of tacos.

stina_magnus / Pixabay

If you really love tacos, you should be very attentive to promotions this coming October 4, since on this date National Taco Day is celebrated.

And a very good promotion that you may want to take advantage of is the one offered by the Taco Cabana restaurant, since will be offering a selection of its most popular tacos for only $ 1 each, as reported on KSAT.

This means that, on Sunday, customers of this place can buy a classic bean and cheese taco, shredded chicken or ground beef for only $ 1.

You can find this offer when you go to the restaurant on October 4, on drive-thru orders, or through the restaurant app.

So now you know, if you want to eat tacos and you also want to save some money in this time of crisis, maybe you should take this promotion into account and make sure you take advantage of it this Sunday.

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