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Kevin Hart has become a father for the fourth time | The NY Journal


The comedian and his wife Eniko Parrish have boasted in networks the arrival of their first daughter, Kaori Mai

Kevin Hart has become a father for the fourth time

Kevin Hart.

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The wife of Kevin Hart has announced through Instagram the birth of their second child together: a girl who came into the world this Tuesday and to which they have called Kaori Mai.

“Nine months preparing to fall in love again for a lifetime”, pray the post you have shared Eniko Parrish in his account, along with a message in which he reveals the name they have chosen for the little girl.

Marriage He already has a two-year-old boy, Kenzo, and the famous humorist is also the father of two other children, Heaven (15) and Hendrix (12), with his ex-wife.

Unlike what happened during Eniko’s first pregnancy, which coincided with the leak of a video that confirmed that Kevin had been unfaithful and that it almost cost him a divorceOn this occasion, he has been able to accompany her during almost every month of gestation due to the coronavirus crisis, which has forced him to cancel his professional commitments.

Taking advantage of being at home, The also actor has taken the opportunity to take a lot of photos that, according to him, document the “true magic” of such a special stage.

“I look forward to the less photogenic moments, and I try to surprise her while she bites into a sandwich or when she is falling asleep “Kevin joked a few weeks ago.



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