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Without fear of ridicule, “La Venenosa” Carolina Sandoval changed her clothes surrounded by food and perched on her dining room table

Carolina Sandoval crawls around a table full of food and also changes her clothes in the middle of lunch

Carolina Sandoval.

Alberto E. Tamargo. / Grosby Group

The ex-driver of Tell me what you know, Carolina sandoval, did “Lunch with Expensive” in the dining room of his house, but not a normal sitting but he himself started mounted on top of the table full of food and putting on a blue dress that then took off and was seen with leggings and mustard yellow top.

He also told some secrets of the interviewees that he has had in recent days as the salsero Gilberto Santa Rosa. During those minutes, the conductive of television He was trying to remove a food residue from a tooth. As this story told several other funny anecdotes.

The fact is that journalist Venezuelan announced that she was also pulling out her lash line. But, for icing on the cake, her husband appeared Nick hernandez Y “The Poisonous” He treated him like a prince, taking care of him and even giving him the food in his mouth to close the love and affection they have with a kiss.

There is no doubt that the former presenter of Telemundo is growing as a businesswoman and as influencer on social media in an accelerated manner. It only remains to wait and see if we have it on television screens before the end of the year or if, on the contrary, it will continue to use digital media to transmit all the content it is generating.



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