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It seems that the love that “El Sol de México” lived with “La Doña” from Telemundo will be part of the second season of Luis Miguel’s series

The second season of the biographical series of Luis Miguel is taking shape and the names of the actors who will play the new characters are already known that have been an important part of the singer’s life. It is said that among these names is that of Aracely Arámbula.

Actress Teresa Ruiz is said to will give life to the character of Azucena, and that under this name it will possibly speak of one of the most important women in the life of “El Sol de México”, Aracely Arámbula, since he lived with her for several years in addition to being two years old, Miguel and Daniel Gallego Arámbula .

Everything will be done under the name of Azucena because Aracely Arámbula assured that neither her name nor that of her children could appear in the biographical series since she did not give her consent for it, in fact she threatened to respond with a lawsuit against the production if this ever happened.

Through People en Español, the list of characters that will appear in the second season of the series were also discovered.

According to said medium, the actress Macarena Achaga will play Michelle Salas -daughter of Luis Miguel and Stephanie Salas today. Along with her will also be Valery Sais as Michelle Salas when she was young; Fernando Guallar as Mauricio Ambrosi, Pablo Cruz Guerrero who will play Patricio Robles; Juan Ignacio Cane as José Pérez and Teresa Ruiz as Azucena, who could be the woman who gives life to Aracely Arámbula in fiction. This cast will also feature Axel Llunas as Sergio Gallego Basteri as a young man.



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