Pregnant Dani Dyer was ‘always’ on the phone to doctor as she battled migraines

Pregnant Dani Dyer has opened up about some of the struggles she’s faced as a first-time mum.

The 24-year-old shared her and boyfriend Sammy Kimmence’s baby joy back in July, holding up a snap of her first ultrasound scan.

And despite their delight, it hasn’t been a completely smooth road for Dani.

The Love Island star detailed some of her biggest struggles, which meant she was “always” picking up the phone to her doctor.

But she’s managed to get to grips as her pregnancy has progressed, and relied on the sage advice of other mums on a new app she’s joined.

Sharing a dose of honest pregnancy wisdom, Dani wrote: “Being a first time mum is such an amazing experience but also a worrying one.

Dani penned an honest post about pregnancy struggles

“I find it crazy how I can love something so much that isn’t even here yet and all I want to do is look after it! Social media can paint a picture that being pregnant is so easy but the reality is it can be really tiring and hard sometimes.

“I’ve suffered from severe migraines, tiredness and I started going off so many foods when I first fell pregnant. When I discovered I had an anterior placenta I worried that I wouldn’t be able to feel my baby move.

“Because I’ve never been through this before, I wanted to get advice from other mums who had experienced it. This is when I got recommended to join the @peanut app, and it changed everything.”

They shared their baby joy in July

Dani said she was always dialling up her doctor with worries

She added: “Seeing women going through the same worries as me really made me feel more relaxed and understand that it’s normal to feel how I’m feeling. The mums on the app gave me loads of tips, like laying on your side to help you feel more so the baby can kick against that rather than where the placenta is.

“I absolutely love being pregnant but it’s a constant battle of wanting everything to be perfect and for my baby to be healthy.”

“A lot of people say the second trimester is the best, and I can agree it’s a lot better than the first as I spent the first 12 weeks always on the phone to my doctor. I’m always finding new things to worry about, so I’m really relieved to have an app like @peanut where I can go to ask questions and get advice. I can’t imagine what new worries will come my way during the third trimester.

She explained her ‘whirlwind of emotions’

Dani’s overjoyed to be welcoming a baby

“You really do go through a whirlwind of emotions and the women on the app have helped me learn that it’s okay if I’m having a bad day. We are all going through this crazy experience together and it’s nice to share how we are all feeling the good and the bad.

“If you’re a mum, pregnant or trying for a baby, I really recommend you join the app. It’s an amazing support system us mums need! #peanutapp#ad.”

Dani and Sammy shared their bombshell news in July, shortly after brushing off split rumours.

The pair wrote that they feel “so lucky and grateful” to be welcoming a baby.

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