Catherine Tyldesley’s perfect response to troll who said she had ‘big fat legs’


Catherine Tyldesley came out with the perfect response to a troll who told her she had “big fat legs”.

The former Coronation Street and Strictly Come Dancing star didn’t take too kindly to the comments being left on her social media by a man and hit back at him in the best possible way.

The 36-year-old, who worked hard to go from a size 22 to her current svelte figure, made it clear her legs don’t “wobble”.

And staring into the camera lens on her Instagram story, she told her critic that she could probably dead-lift his entire body weight.

Catherine hit back at her critic

Catherine, who played feisty Eva Price on the ITV soap, told her fans in a funny video: “Now it’s not often your Auntie Cath gets trolled, I’m very lucky like that, I’ve got lots of wonderful, positive people in my life.

“You do get the occasional twonk.

“So to the guy yesterday… bless ya, who said I had big fat legs, babes, I’ve been training these legs for seven years, this s**t don’t wobble.

She could probably dead-lift him

“And I guarantee I could dead-lift or squat your entire bodyweight, my love, so things just got really awkward, really fast, didn’t they? God bless you, darling, find a life, come on.”

Catherine has worked hard for her figure, dropping an impressive seven dress sizes after overhauling her lifestyle.

Earlier this year, Catherine was forced to defend calling herself “fat” after she found a cardboard cutout of herself before her weight loss.

Catherine with her ‘former self’

“I found fat Cath,” she joked in the caption as she posed up with the image.

But after her comments upset some of her fans, she spoke out.

She said: “To anyone jumping on a high horse – I’m calling myself ‘fat’ because I was.

“I was greedy. I ate junk. And I was so unhealthy.”

Cath insisted that she loves her curves but wasn’t willing to beat around the bush when it came to discussing her own weight issues.

She added: “Curves are beautiful. I love mine. But there’s no skirting around the fact that At this point in MY life, I considered myself ‘fat’.”


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