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Why the coronavirus vaccine could be a threat to sharks | The NY Journal

Why the coronavirus vaccine could be a threat to sharks | The NY Journal

Why the coronavirus vaccine could be a threat to sharks | The NY Journal

The eyes of the world are pending the development of the coronavirus vaccine that would be the beginning of the end of the pandemic that began in 2020. But there are many other factors around that we may not know about and that can also affect the world as we know it today.

The Coronavirus Vaccine Could Be A Threat To Sharks, And Wildlife Experts Explain Why. According to the organization Shark Allies, producing this drug for all the world’s inhabitants (once it exists, of course), would endanger about 250,000 sharks, and half a million if two doses of the vaccine were necessary.

This is because squalene, an oil naturally found in shark liver, is used as an adjuvant to increase the effectiveness of vaccines and is being used in experimental drugs against COVID-19.

In a Facebook post, Stefanie brendl, founder and CEO of Shark Allies, clarified that the organization’s new campaign to protect shark, It is not an attempt to stop or hinder the production of the vaccine, but a call to experiment with the drug with plant-based squalene. along with shark squalene “so that it can be replaced as soon as possible.”

Brendl says that this precious oil can also be produced from olive oil, sugar cane, algae and bacteria. “He Squalene made from plants is readily available, has the same chemical composition and efficacy, and can be reproduced sustainably, with greater quality control, “he wrote.

Shark Allies created an online petition with the title: “Stop using sharks in COVID-19 vaccine – Use EXISTING Sustainable Options” which has achieved almost 12,000 signatures of the goal of 15,000.

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In the billions of doses needed per year for decades to come, it is critical that we do not depend on a wild animal resource. It can be detrimental to shark species that are hunted for its oil and it is not a reliable supply chain, ”says Brendl.


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