VIDEOS: Young woman denounces attacks by her mother and ex-partner, they want to take away her son, she says | The NY Journal


In photos and videos, she shows the way they have beaten her, the calls and the messages in which they threaten her

VIDEOS: Young woman denounces attacks by her mother and ex-partner, they want to take her son away, she says

VIDEOS: Young man denounces attacks by his mother and ex-partner, they want to take away his son, he says

Video Capture Karen Galvis / Courtesy

A young woman identified as Karen Galvis denounced the multiple attacks that he says, has suffered at the hands of his ex partner and even his own mother in Mexico. Case that has become viral due to the wave of violence that women live in that country.

Through your account Facebook, the young woman shared her story, photos and videos in which she details how she has been harassed for several months presumably at the hands of his mom Beatriz “N” Y Oliver “N”, his ex partner sentimental, with whom he had a son.

The complainant indicates that the March 22 of this year, supposedly was deprived of liberty by her mother Beatriz N” and by Oliver N“Who, based on deception, summoned her to the outside of her father, with the argument that they would hand over their son 5 yearswho had been stolen by Oliver “N”, despite the fact that she has legal custody of the minor.

“They were accompanied by approximately 10-15 people, climbing into one of the racks of the trucks in which they were traveling, where I beat Y they mistreated being my own family those who volunteered to commit this crime without touching their hearts since they caused me several injuries to my body that at the time were certified by a doctor“Says the woman.

According Karen, this was with the intention of separating from Oliver N“, From whom he had distanced himself due to the mistreatment he received. Before him alleged kidnapping, the victim assures that her friends had to go rescue her to the community of Good View, in the municipality of Contepec, in the state of Michoacan, in Mexico.

“I decided to keep quiet for all these months thinking that once rescued everything would end but I was wrong, since now they not only attempt against me integrity and mine baby if not now it is against all people that me surround“, he pointed Karen.

“I am currently in trial on the custody from my baby, for which I have had the need to attend the family courts of Toluca (in the State of Mexico) where inside and outside that institution of government we constantly receive threats, insults, damage psychological and even damage materials for me parent Mrs Beatriz Carrillo Monrroy as shown in the video ”, assures the young woman.

The young woman assures that she is afraid of what may happen to her or to the people around her and that she wants her case to reach the people who dispense justice in Mexico so that the development of your son do not see committed.

Mother I know you are watching this, please let me live in peace, let me be happy. It should be noted that I have no enemies or problems with anyone else, so if something happened to me, my baby or my family I hold you responsible totally ”, ends the meaningful message.

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