Moving and straight from the heart: this was the message of María Celeste Arrarás on her 60th birthday | The NY Journal

Since leaving ‘Al Rojo Vivo’, the host has shown that she is ready to enjoy this new stage of her life

María Celeste Arrarás.

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For many, reaching 60 years of age is synonymous with old age, pausing the rhythm of their life and beginning to prioritize a rest, avoiding the busyness of the day to day. However, For María Celeste Arrarás, turning her sixth decade is totally the opposite.

The television presenter reaches the sixth floor of his life with an energy that any young man envies, projects and vast work ahead, as well as the illusion of continuing to succeed in the medium that has given him more joys than disappointments.

For this reason, the host decided to give an emotional and beautiful message first thing on her birthday, stating wholeheartedly that she is completely devoted to her followers and fans.

Arrarás left the Telemundo television network in August when his departure from the program “Al Rojo Vivo” was announced, but this was no reason to take a vacation. He decided to use his free time to spend it with his son Adrián Vadim, giving priority to launching her singing career.

With almost four decades in between, the presenter’s least lacking are projects, question that he did not hesitate to thank in his message posted on Instagram, stating that for her “you are my gift” in allusion to the people who have followed her all the time, from the beginning of his career and those new fans he has gained in recent years.

In the stories of your personal account, the host also shared those postcards from family, friends and colleagues who undoubtedly see her as an example to follow and a guide within the show.

The one who did not take long to emulate the people close to his mother was Adrián. As part of the premiere of his first single “Space”, the young man congratulated his mother, and also a manager, thanking him for everything he has done for him.

Without a doubt, María Celeste Arrarás is a star shining in the firmament of the show and no one denies that he will continue with such a fruitful career as he has done today.


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