Husband and wife rob Dubai visitor of Dh3,500


Dubai: The Dubai Public Prosecution has referred two men and a woman to the Dubai Court of First Instance for posing as security guards in a government entity and robbing a watch worth Dh3,500 from a visitor to the emirate.

Prosecutor Khalid Al Ameri, head of Deira Prosecution, said the three African defendants attacked their countryman, slapped him in the face and robbed him at night while walking at the Gold Souk. The defendants stopped the visitor and alleged that he has Dh1,800 traffic fines he need to pay for renting the car of the first defendant.

“The victim asked the defendant to show him a proof about the traffic fines but they refused. One of the defendants threatened to harm the victim if he didn’t pay the fines,” Prosecutor Al Ameri said in a statement. The female defendant, who is the wife of the first defendant, came asking him to pay the money. She slapped him on the face, stole his watch and escaped. “One of the defendant told the victim that he is a security guard and showed him an ID belong to a government entity.”

The three accused were charged with robbery, threatening and posing as security guards.


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