Emirati stabbed with screwdriver in Dubai


Dubai: An Emirati man was stabbed with a screwdriver close to his heart over a car parking dispute.

The Dubai Court of First Instance heard that the 37-year-old Emirati man was with his brother in a parking lot at he Naif area when a dispute happened between them and four Afghani men over a car parking slot. “I was surprised when one of them hit me on the head with a rock. A second sat on my chest after knocking me on the ground and assaulted me with their hands and fire extinguisher,” said the Emirati victim in official records. “I didn’t notice that a screwdriver was stabbed under my heart and fell unconscious.”

Dubai Police was alerted last December about a fight in a parking area between a group of people. “They assaulted each other over parking a car. The defendants admitted of attacking the victim. He was talking normally with us when we arrived but all of the sudden, he fell on the ground. He was stabbed with a screwdriver that was hanging from his body,” the policeman said in official records.

Surveillance cameras revealed that the victim went to speak to the defendant first before the fight started. Three defendants were arrested while the fourth remains at large. The medical report said that the victim was assaulted and stabbed severely. He will suffer 15 per cent permanent disability due to the injuries. “I can’t walk normally and have difficulty in breathing,” the victim added in records.

Dubai Public Prosecution charged the defendants with attempted murder. The trial has been put off till October 19.


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