EastEnders’ Shaun Williamsons’ secret son was a fan before discovering relation


Shaun Williamsons’ secret son has told how he was a huge fan of the EastEnders actor for years before discovering they were related.

Gary, 32, even attempted to meet the Barry Evans actor backstage at a show prior to learning about their connection.

Speaking in Shaun’s autobiography, A Matter of Facts, Gary explains: “My dad was in fact Shaun Williamson, an actor that I had admired for years, not from EastEnders but from the sitcom Extras.

“Me and my mates had even planned to go and see him when he was in a show at the Belfast Opera House some years before, so that we could meet him afterwards. How weird would that have been?”

Shaun Williamson’s secret son has opened up about discovering ‘Barry from EastEnders’ is his father

Gary became a fan of Shaun’s after seeing him in comedy series Extras with Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant

Over the weekend it was revealed how Shaun found out he was a dad-of-three after fathering Gary with a circus juggler more than 30 years ago.

Shaun is also dad to daughter Sophie, 22, and son Joseph, 20, from his marriage to Melanie Sacre who he later discovered.

On learning he had a third secret child, Shaun, 54, said it was a ‘frightening but amazing discovey.’

The former soap star was contacted out of the blue in 2013 with a letter claiming his former girlfriend had a secret child with him

Shaun rose to fame playing Barry Evans in EastEnders

He told the Sun on Sunday : “When I found out I had another son, I was stunned. I was shaking when I went to meet him.’

The actor added: ‘”He said he never thought in a million years that Barry from EastEnders could be his dad.”

Shaun met Gary’s mother in 1987 when he was was 22 and working as a barman.

The former CelebrityBig Brother star said he was ‘blown away’ by her and they got engaged six months later despite their ‘fiery relationship.’

Shaun and Gary ‘hit it off straight away’ at their first meeting

But the pair separated when Shaun had to move away for his job as a Pontin’s Bluecoat, before his ex partner told him she was pregnant with his child.

In 2013 Shaun received letter out of the blue claiming that ‘Gary’ from his ‘circus days’ was his son.

The stunned actor sent a paternity sent off to Canada which confirmed Gary was his indeed his biological son.

The estranged father and son met for the first time at a hotel in Belfast, with Shaun describing in his book how they ‘hit it off’ straight away’.


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