Celia Lora poses on her back to show off her rear with tight leggings | The NY Journal


Posing with her back to the camera and also facing the front, the Mexican model showed off her voluptuous charms with a grape-colored sports outfit

For a moment, Celia lora She left the tiny garments behind to show off her voluptuous body with tight sports leggings.

The Mexican playmate who has earned the recognition of almost 8 million Instagram followers, modeled again with daring garments that revealed her sensual attributes.

And the thing is, posing with her back to the camera, she showed off her shapely rear with a grape-colored sports outfit, with which she then posed from the front to make it clear that she also knows how to wear this type of garment perfectly.

In the sensual images that at the moment have collected more than 142 thousand “likes”, you can see the former Playboy bunny wearing a sensual white lingerie garment, just like the one she wore a few days ago within the same social profile .

In the series of images shared by the reality star ‘Acapulco Shore’, she showed that at 36 years of age she is an expert when it comes to raising the temperature.

Although he does not allow comments in his daring publications, the daughter of the Mexican rocker, Alex Lora he continues to get thousands of reactions, such as the fiery image in which he was seen posing in front of his bedroom mirror, with which he reached nearly 160 thousand red hearts.



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