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Various media in the United States suggest that this is the President’s decision, but that it can change at any time

Trump to nominate Justice Amy Coney Barrett to Supreme Court

File photo Judge Amy Coney Barrett is shown during a class.


WASHINGTON – The President Donald trump, will nominate the conservative judge tomorrow Saturday Amy coney barrett to fill the vacancy left in the Supreme court for the death a week ago of the progressive magistrate Ruth Bader Ginsburgthe media reported this Friday.

According to the CNN television network, which cited several high-ranking Republican Party sources, the White House has indicated that it intends to nominate Barrett during conversations with various leaders of the conservative political party in the country’s Congress.

CNN sources, however, indicated that there is a possibility that Trump will change his election at the last minute.

The New York Times, which quoted people familiar with the process, confirmed that Trump has chosen Barrett, who is currently serving on the Chicago-based Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit to succeed Ginsburg, after meeting with her this week at the White House.

According to the sources of the newspaper, the president was impressed with this judge, about whom reputable jurists would have spoken as a future Antonin Scalia, the conservative magistrate of the Supreme Court who died in 2016 and for which Barrett was a judicial secretary.

Those same sources also warned that it’s common for Trump to change plans at the last minute, and that for now it is unknown if he has interviewed other candidates for the position.

Barrett, 48-year-old Catholic, is the antithesis of Ginsburg, considered a feminist icon, at least when it comes to the right to abortion, which she advocates cutting back on most assumptions.

Trump is scheduled to present his Supreme Court nominee tomorrow Saturday, after last weekend he announced that it would be a woman.

The favorite on the list is Barrett; followed by the American Cuban Barbara Lagoa, 52 years old, and Allison Jones Rushing, only 38; plus a White House attorney, Kate Todd, according to sources close to the selection process cited by The New York Times.

All of them supposedly fit the criteria that Trump has claimed to seek in a judge, with the aim of winning the favor and votes of the Christian right: the opposition to abortion and the fierce defense of the right to bear arms.

If confirmed by the Senate, where the leader of the Republican majority, Mitch McConnell, has already announced that it will put the candidate chosen by the president to vote, He would be the third person nominated by Trump to reach the Supreme Court, after judges Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh.

With his possible ascension to that court, the person nominated by Trump would consolidate the majority of rights in the court with six conservative judges and three progressives.



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