These cities of the world commit to stop using fossil fuels | The NY Journal


Of course, the use of hybrid and electric vehicles is included, among other things.

Gasoline vehicles consume up to 60% of oil used in the United States and these provide more than a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions in the country, the main contributor to climate change, explains the Department of Energy.

However now with the pandemic and not leaving so much pollution reduces and nature takes its course and regenerates.

Car manufacturers despite putting up a bit of resistance are giving in and are beginning to pay more attention and make cars with less emissions, according to Autoblog, in Berlin the statement was given that 12 cities, around the world simultaneously, announced that they will commit to abandon the use of fossil fuels and to separate itself from said companies that produce the material, this as part of a joint effort to combat climate change.

The cities that participated and that gave their support are Berlin, New York, London, Cape Town, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Oslo, Bristol, Durban, Milan, Pittsburgh and Vancouver.

They also explained that they plan to increase investment to develop solutions that help the environment. The green technologies that manufacturers refer to include of course the use of hybrid and electric vehicles among other things.


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