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At this point in the Covid-19 pandemic, we must have a series of basic elements in our home medicine cabinet to prevent contagion. To help you make yours at home, here we show you 3 elements that you cannot miss.

one. Face masks

According to an article by CNN, it is essential that we have a series of masks or face shields with which we can protect ourselves in our trips abroad.

This supply of masks should include all members of the family, so it is not only a question that they are many, but that they are varied so that they meet the particularities and needs of yours.

You should preferably have surgical masks, but cloth masks can also help defend against the virus. Of course, they require additional care to be really effective.

two. Latex gloves

You should only wear latex gloves when you are away from home, especially if you will come into contact with food or if you are going to touch surfaces. They are a very useful resource that, in addition to the mask, will help a lot to keep the virus away from you.

However, latex gloves can also be a reason for us to lower our guard and we are more vulnerable to the virus since there are people who believe that its use makes continuous hand washing unnecessary, which is not the case.

3. Hand sanitizers and sanitizing wipes

There are essential elements that you must have in your home medicine cabinet. Photo: Pexels

Hand sanitizers represent one of the ways to keep our hands clean; the other is the washing with soap and water.

Not all hand sanitizers are effective in fighting Covid-19. The health authorities have emphasized the use of those disinfectants whose alcohol concentration is above 60%, which are the ones that can really eliminate the presence of the virus in our hands.

As you have seen, these are three of the basic elements that you home medicine cabinet must have to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Along with the implementation of sanitary measures, these resources will help you stay safe while the pandemic emergency passes.

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