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“All my life I have lived under my mother’s wing, she is like an eagle and has always supported me”

Adrián Vadim, the son of María Celeste, launches himself as a singer:

Adrián Vadim and María Celeste Arrarás

María Celeste Arrarás / Courtesy

It is already a fact … Today, September 25, Adrian Vadim, the son of Maria Celeste Arrarás, officially launched as a singer premiering his first single ‘Space’. His dream and that of his mother when in 2000 he adopted him and brought him from Russia with the illusion of giving him a life full of love and triumphs is coming true.

We speak with Adrián Vadim, who assures us that his great purpose is not to be famous, but rather that his songs, his feelings expressed in lyrics and music travel the world carrying love, provoking emotions, and touching souls.

-If you look in a mirror, who is Adrián Vadim?
(Adrián Vadim): I am a young man who is trying to connect with the world and people through his music, and I hope that one day I will be recognized by Adrián Vadim: a singer who tries to talk about life, about the things that have happened to me. I don’t do this for fame, I do this because I love it, and if you do what you love, you will never work. I want my release to go well because I want to show the world who I am. My message is to excite, and that is the person I see in the mirror.

Adrian Vadin
Adrian Vadin. Photo: Courtesy María Celeste Arrarás

-You were born between cameras, photos and public life but accompanying your mother, today you are the protagonist, how do you feel?
(AV.): To tell the truth, a little nervous because all my life I have lived under my mother’s wing, she is like an eagle and has always supported me with everything, with studies, with food, with the house … But now that I am starting I feel a little nervous about this big project, because I don’t know if it will go well for me.

-What is it like to work with your mother, since she is your manager and is behind all this?
(AV.): We are like two people in a business working together, nobody is behind the other, my mother and I are partners in this dream. These three songs that I’m working on, we’ve been in this for a year, the process of writing and singing… She helps me with the money, but she also gives me a lot of ideas. For example, when we are working on things with my music she is direct. My mom is the executive producer.

Adrian Vadim
Adrian Vadim.

-How were these three songs born, ‘Space’ is the one you premiere today?
(AV.): They have to do with something that happened to me in life. ‘Space’ is about when you are in love and you feel this fire inside of you and you believe that everything is going well, and the person who is with you tells you that they need a space. That happens to everyone, it doesn’t matter if it’s a girlfriend, boyfriend, I do my experience, but I also try to connect with others … ‘Sunrise, Blue Eyes’ is more about love at first sight … And’ Just Who I Am ‘, is my hymn, it talks about how when I was little I became the man that I am, especially by being adopted, it is like my identity simply.

Adrián Vadim and María Celeste Arrarás
Adrián Vadim and María Celeste Arrarás. Photo: Courtesy María Celeste Arrarás

-The story that your mother discovered your talent by listening to you sing in the shower is already a classic in the family, but when and how did you turn your passion into a profession?
(AV.): I started with singing classes, because I have a beautiful voice but you also need technique, like when you do anything in life. I cannot build a chair without having practice, knowledge, it is impossible and the same with singing. I have done about 20 classes only in the course of 4 years, that is practically nothing … I started with coverings of other artists who had my voice style, and from there I began to investigate what style was for me and now I am here, launching my three songs.

-Today ‘Space’ is no longer your baby and you gave it to the world, how do you feel?
(AV.): It is a day of many emotions, of many nerves too because you never know if people will like music, I hope so because I try to connect with people, my songs today are in English, that does not mean that in the future will not do them in Spanish.




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