Without a bra, Alexa Dellanos heats up Instagram and leaves her fans breathless | The NY Journal

Alexa dellanos She is one of the sexiest influencers on Instagram. The daughter of Myrka dellanos She is a real beauty and causes endless likes every time she shares one of her hot images.

In the social network, he has more than 2 million followers who are aware of his travels in the middle of this pandemic. A few weeks ago, Alexa had been in France enjoying its paradisiacal beaches. Now, the star would be in London, for the location of his last post on Instagram.

“Doing something,” posted Alexa.

In the provocative image, Dellanos is seen without a bra and a top that looks like something out of the comedy “La Familia Pelucha” from Univision. Alexa’s beauty is the central focus of the image and her fans love it. His fans would have been out of breath before the imposing of Alexa.


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