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5 magic stones that give you value when you need it most | The NY Journal


Crystals or quartz are of great help when fears are present in us and we do not have the strength to make decisions

The stones known in the world of esotericism as crystals or quartzThey have properties that are considered magical due to the effects they cause in our person. And it is believed that by being in contact with the earth for many years they absorbed its magnetism, which, can tune into people’s energy to gain some benefit.

There is a great variety of magic stones that are used for different purposes, for example, there are some that are excellent allies to seek love and others more than, even, can help us lose weight.

On this occasion, we list those that have the power to give you value in the moments you need it most. There are times when it is difficult to stand your ground or make strong decisions when feelings and empathy exist. In these cases it is easy to change your mind or go back to avoid conflicts, even if we know that we will be harmed or it is a wrong decision.

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Whatever the case, the following stones, suggested by the White Forest site, will help you have strength in important moments.

1. Aquamarine

It is known as ‘The stone of courage’ and helps us to leave behind all the emotions of the past that torment us in the present and that would not have to. This quartz gives us strength when we have problems or fears to defend ourselves.

2. Green agate

It is also known for granting strength and courage. It helps its owner to keep it grounded and stabilize their emotions to deal with what is presented effectively. It also improves mental and emotional flexibility, and facilitates decision-making.

3. Citrine

It is believed that it carries the power of the sun within it so it is a stone that gives a lot of energy. It does not store negativity so it does not need to be cleaned regularly. It helps us to dissipate anger, increases motivation, self-esteem and promotes creativity. Calm our interior and balance the energy of yin yang. It is excellent for dispelling fears, depression and phobias.

4. Jade

It is a stone that just by looking at it relaxes the mind and body. Quickly balance our energy, eliminate any negative thoughts and transmit peace and love. It gives us what it takes to find the courage to defend our position and find a peaceful solution.

5. Black tourmaline

Black tourmaline is one of the most used gemstones due to its protective capacity. In addition, it reduces stress, helps us to connect with our higher selves and will give us the strength to stand firm.

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