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There is no use losing weight if it is not maintained long term. Discover the 4 most popular diets with scientific support that shine for their effectiveness and health benefits

Today is more important than ever enjoy a healthy weight, it is not only a great measure to feel good about ourselves, it is a fundamental measure for a good health and is key in the prevention of degenerative diseases. It is for this reason that numerous dietary trends and patterns, which ensure better and faster results.

However, being a so fashionable theme, the famous “Miracle diets” which are weight loss programs that have in common the promise of rapid weight loss. What happens is that they are diets that lack scientific support and in the long run they are usually related to deterioration in health, which is largely due to its nutrient imbalance, very severe ingested energy restriction, disadvantages such as loss of muscle mass and the increased risk of suffering metabolic and chronic diseases.

Avoid putting your health at risk and ensures the long-term weight loss, carrying out diets that are endorsed by science, which have the advantage of being related to large therapeutic benefits and avoid the rebound effect.

1. Mediterranean diet, a healthy lifestyle

Mediterranean diet is a valuable cultural heritage which represents much more than a simple nutritional guideline. Not in vain the past 2019 US News magazine named it the best diet thanks to its Nutritional value and unmatched medicinal benefits. Beyond being a diet, it represents a Lifestyle which comprises celebrations, customs, culinary techniques and the use of typical, seasonal and local products. It is associated with immense health benefits, which are associated with its rich in essential nutrients obtained from the consumption of whole-grain foods. It is based on the intake of healthy fats how olive oil, fish and the nuts, is also inspired by a vegetarian food with abundant consumption in fruits and vegetables, legumes, seeds and whole grains. The Red meat in moderate amounts and on special occasions, it also promotes the use of aromatic herbs and seasonings. It is one of the most valued trends for its medicinal benefits, among which stands out a healthy weight loss and it is key in the prevention of chronic and degenerative diseases.

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2. DASH diet, to lose weight and take care of the heart

In recent years the DASH diet has attracted very special attention and this is because it is a method created to improve cardiovascular health. As its name implies, DASH is the acronym in English of Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) and has been very useful in control of high blood pressure. It is characterized by being a eating plan rich in fiber and potassium, very low in sodium, sugars and saturated fat. Although it has been created with a specific purpose, it is also related to great benefits for stimulate weight loss; since it is inspired by limiting the daily intake at 2000 calories. Among the allowed foods, it promotes the consumption of fruits, vegetables and whole grains, in complement with low-fat dairy productss, chicken, fish, legumes, nuts and vegetable oils. Among its most fundamental principles it stands out for skip the consumption of processed and ultra-processed foods, in order to reduce the intake of sodium, sugars, and trans fats. It also promotes seasoning foods with herbs, spices and natural seasonings that help supplement the use of salt.

mind diet
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3. Paleo diet, say goodbye to all processed

Some years ago everyone was talking about the benefits of the paleo diet, which is characterized by being a style of eating that proposesand imitate the type of diet that our ancestors followed, who were great hunters and gatherers. Without a doubt, your strongest goal is to completely skip the consumption of processed and ultra-processed foods, which are related to a high caloric intake, low nutrient content and in excess they usually derive in various degenerative diseases. It is believed that omitting these foods significantly reduces caloric intake and the best thing is that it promotes the consumption of natural foods and very rich in essential nutrients. It is a dietary pattern that is characterized by its high protein content and very low carbohydrate content. It is based on the consumption of all kinds of animal proteinsuch as meat, poultry, fish, eggs, and shellfish; how carbohydrate sources are allowed fruits and vegetables. Prohibits the consumption of cereals, legumes, dairy products and derivatives, as fat sources allows the consumption of seeds, nuts and of course extra virgin olive oil.

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4. Keto diet, no carbohydrates

Probably the ketogenic diet is one of the most famous today and is highlighted by various studies that support its benefits for lose weight and gain health. It is a dietary guideline very low in carbohydrates and that prioritizes the consumption of healthy proteins and fats, to promote a increased fat burning. It has become very popular thanks to its proven benefits for lose weight, benefit the state of health in general and physical and mental performance. Making these dietary adjustments allows the body to produce small molecules fuel calls “Ketones”.

Ketones occur if we eat very little carbohydrates (which break down quickly into blood sugar) and only moderate amounts of proteins (excess protein can also turn into blood sugar). On a ketogenic diet, the entire body changes its fuel supply to run primarily on fat; burns fat 24-7 (twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week) and when insulin levels are very low, burning fat can increase enormously. Although for some it may be somewhat restrictive, it is characterized by the consumption of lean meats such as fish, chicken, meat, seafood, eggs and fresh cheeses, complementary with healthy fats like avocado, nuts, olive oil and seeds. Prohibits the consumption of ccereals, legumes and some fruits and vegetables.

Supplements to supplement keto diet.
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