Jessie James Decker Shares Tips On How To Eat What You Want & Stay Fit As She Launches 1st Cookbook


Jessie James Decker offered some sage advice on maintaining a ‘balance’ in a healthy lifestyle while eating your favorite dishes in our EXCLUSIVE interview with the newly-minted cookbook author!

After conquering music, Jessie James Decker is on the precipice of becoming a fully fledge foodie! The 32-year-old’s first cookbook — Just Feed Me: Simply Delicious Recipes from My Heart to Your Plate — comes out today, September 22, and invites fans of the “Lights Down Low” songstress to take a seat at her kitchen table. But the fit and fabulous starlet also offers some great advice on eating the luscious foods in her cookbook, as well as maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

“I think it’s balance. Everything is about balance, portion control,” Jessie shared EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife. “I think the key is to not go overboard.” The Kittenish store owner thoroughly believes that no one should “ever limit themselves on the goods if they want to eat.” However, the singer does stipulate that “we can limit the amount that we do eat.”

Jessie James Decker
‘Just Feed Me’ by Jessie James Decker [HarperCollins Publishers].

“So for example, instead of having two servings of my Bolognese, I’ll have a small serving of it and I won’t eat past 6 pm. Or for lunch, I’ll have probably my biggest meal of the day and that could be a chicken noodle soup or something that I made previously the night before or one of my fit bowls that I like to do.”

Jessie also shared some tips on her favorite meals that she likes to cook up to keep up with her healthy lifestyle. “I have a cauliflower chicken bowl that I make. And then for breakfast, I do keep it pretty light. I have my fancy scrambled eggs that’s in the book or maybe one cinnamon roll.” Clearly, Jessie is all about enjoying the sweet and savory foods of life.

But she is also thoroughly aware that you can have too much of a tasty treat. “If you have three cinnamon rolls you’re not going to get the results that you want, but if you have one with a cup of coffee, I don’t think it’s going to affect anything,” she says as an example of portioning meals, treats and simply being mindful of what one puts into their body.

Jessie James Decker
Jessie James Decker for Kittenish [Kittenish].

“So, for me, everything is balance and portion control and the timing of it. Don’t eat past 6 pm and I try not to eat anything until around 11 in the morning.” When it comes down to it, Jessie’s best pieces of advice center around moderation and portioning; simply being conscious of what foods we’re choosing to eat. “Everything in moderation. If I’m going to have a big cinnamon roll for breakfast, I’m probably going to go a little bit lighter for dinner because that’s worth it to me. I never cut myself off whenever I really want to enjoy something.”

Along with moderation, Jessie recommends some forms of cardio throughout the day. But, then again, she is “running after three kids” most days and keeping her Nashville and Florida Kittenish boutiques in business, keeping her plate pretty full. But Jessie is all about having a positive relationship with food. As she said, “I can define when you limit yourself to things you want to eat, you end up paying for it later because you just go overboard. We all have those moments when we go, ‘Screw it!’ and then we go really crazy.”


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