Anitta confesses that she is bisexual with the premiere of her song “Me Gusta” | The NY Journal


“I can be with a man, a woman, with two, with three, with five, with six” were Anitta’s words when she declared herself openly bisexual

Singer Anitta He confessed his bisexuality after premiering his song “I like it” in which it has as collaborators Cardi B and Myke Towers in which he talks about his sexual preferences.

“It was like destiny, because when we met in the studio, everything I thought turned out. Cardi is my other self in English and Spanish. I often tell my fans that they don’t understand Portuguese, that she and I often do -Lives- where we just happen to say the same things. It’s crazy “, the singer told EFE.

The musical theme talks about attraction and relationships with women. For his part, Myke Towers plays the role of the man who likes to see his wife have fun with “friends.”

“I don’t sing anything that I don’t do myself. I am openly bisexual and I have never wanted to put on a show with that. I can be with a man, a woman, with two, with three, with five, with six. Party! I defend that freedom “said the 27-year-old artist. In addition, he admits that with this song he wants everyone’s choices and sexual preferences to look normal.



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