Ronit Roy says he was once told casting junior artistes instead of him would be a better idea: ‘It was very hurtful’


Actor Ronit Roy, who made a transition from television to films, has said that he was once written off as a worse actor than some junior artistes. But that only made him more determined to improve.

Ronit said that the same person who’d rejected him back then recently offered to work with him on a film, but he turned it down because it was a bad proposition.

He told Pinkvilla in an interview, “My manager was once told that ‘why should we cast Ronit Roy?’ Junior artistes are better than him. I had not understood then. Today, I understand what he meant and it was very hurtful but that man did me a favour. Two years back, that same man offered me a film and I did not do it because it was a bad film. He woke me from a slumber and made me work harder on myself.”

Ronit, who recently appeared in the second season of the web series Hostages, said in an interview that when his career went through a slump, he took to drinking alcohol, but never did drugs. He said that his time as Aamir Khan’s bodyguard taught him a lot about work ethic.

He said, “I had the good fortune of being with Aamir Khan for two years. I was his bodyguard. I started my company because I had no work, so I had to do something. I was fortunate to spend time with Aamir and learnt what is diligence and drive for work. In many ways, Aamir started the ball rolling for me. He opened those windows for me and then I stopped caring about big cars and apartments. I then wanted to learn my craft.”

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The actor, who has delivered acclaimed performances in films such as Ugly and Udaan, said in a recent interview that when he was out of work, he had no money for petrol for his car, and would go for meals to his mother’s house to save money.

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