Akansha Ranjan Kapoor: The past few months have been a lot of ups and downs


2020 for actor Akansha Ranjan Kapoor has been a mixed bag. While on one hand she made her acting debut with the web film Guilty,on the other, her father was diagnosed with Covid-19 . “The past few months have been downs and ups, and then downs, I don’t think it’s been a constant fun quotient. My dad is recovering from Covid, so I am relaxed now. I was not so good before, but I am better again, and taking each day as it comes. That’s the only way to survive,” she tells us.

Celebrating her 27th birthday on September 18, she confesses she is ‘very irritating’ on her special day. “I start getting excited in August itself, and count down. Us group of friends were deciding what we would do, and now finally everything in on track. I am going to go and take a weekend somewhere with the girls. I become really emotional on my birthday and start crying, and do something or the other, like three years I went to Spain,” Kapoor shares. 

Guilty, she says, has changed her career, and she has already signed something which she can “boast of”. On the praise she got for it, she tells us, “My family has been irritatingly proud (laughs), someone chacha or mama sends a message, my family takes a screenshot and send it to me, and I am like I don’t even who that person is! On social media, people had been following me from before, said ‘oh my God, we didn’t realise it’s you’ That’s a win.”

What about the negativity? How did she handle that? “I literally read it and go ‘tsk tsk tsk’. You wake up and be angry at people who don’t exist, it’s a sad situation. Right now, it can go either way. My sister wakes up and she gets really mad, and tells to block them. I say ‘karne do jo unko karna hai, we will reply then they will get mad’. Half the time, when you reply, they say ‘sorry didi, just wanted to make you angry, I am very poor, don’t hurt me’. They do it for attention,” reveals Kapoor, who is a close friend of actor Alia Bhatt.

The latter has been at the receiving end of social media negativity in the past couple of months. Have the two talked about it? How has she been supporting Bhatt? “Silently. There’s no need to talk about it. We both know it will pass,” Kapoor signs off.

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