Danny Dyer splashes small fortune on exotic garden shed for wife to do ironing


EastEnders star Danny Dyer has spent a small fortune on a luxury garden shed – where his wife will do her ironing.

The 43-year-old TV star has been married to childhood sweetheart Jo Mas since 2016 – and the pair have been together since they starting dating in 1992.

The actor – who plays Mick Carter in EastEnders – has reportedly splashed out on a £12,000 space for his 43-year-old wife to get on with her domestic chores.

Mum-Of-Thee Jo took to social media over the last week to boast about her impressive wooden cabin that her husband had built for her.

Danny Dyer has delighted his wife, Jo Mas, by building her a shed to do the ironing in

Sharing a snap on Instagram Stories of the wood and glass building, Jo wrote: “And… finally I get my own room to do the ironing!!”

She added: “I love my husband more today.”

The Sun on Sunday have suggested the shed would have cost the soap star £12k to construct.

Jo gushed over her new shed online

Jo has previously praised her husband for taking care of laundry for her.

She said in a 2015 interview: “I said, ‘Dan I’ve got a pile of ironing down there, I’ve got to do that . . . no one else is going to iron it’.

“People may think I’ve got nannies and cleaners, I don’t.

Danny and Jo have three children together – including Love Island star Dani Dyer

“The following morning I woke up and the ironing was cleared. He’d got it dropped off and sorted. It’s those tiny things I really appreciate.”

Danny and Jo have three children together – with Love Island star daughter Dani the eldest at 23.

They have a second daughter, 13-year-old Sunnie, and a seven-year-old son named Arty.


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