COVID-19: Four passengers now allowed in Dubai taxi vans


Dubai: As per Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) guidelines, Dubai taxi vans are now allowed to take four passengers if travel is booked via Hala, the joint venture ride-hailing app between RTA and Careem.

Previously, all taxi travel had been restricted to two passengers per vehicle. Although taxi vans can accommodate four passengers, regular or sedan taxis are still regulated to accept only two customers.

Hala announced on Thursday: “Due to the two rows of passenger seating present in Hala van taxis, four passengers can sit two to a row, to maintain social distancing.”

The move will benefit families and friends who travel in groups. “The price for the taxi van service is identical to the price for a regular taxi,” Hala noted.

“We are pleased to announce this positive move and hope it can make travel that little bit simpler for those of our riders who need to travel in groups, whether that be friends or families,” said Hala CEO Clemence Dutertre. “Careem app allows riders to secure their personnel ride from the comfort of their homes, and see their waiting time and fare upfront. Average arrival times for Hala vans currently sit at six minutes,” he added.


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