Expat businessman in Dubai sexually abuses former employee inside car


Dubai: A Dubai-based businessman has been accused of sexually abusing and physically assaulting a former female employee.

A 24-year-old Egyptian woman claimed in the Dubai Court of First Instance on Tuesday that a 27-year-old countryman met her in a coffee shop at Al Barsha area in October last year, before asking her to have lunch with him. She said he drove her to a deserted area where he touched her breast, slapped her face and punched her hand.

“I was in the coffee shop with a friend and he was in the same place with two men. I spoke with him as I used to work for his company. He asked me to keep in touch and invited me for lunch with his wife,” said the victim in official records.

When he left the coffee shop, he called her to join him for lunch. A friend was sitting on the back seat of the car in which they went.

Soon, they reached a nearby deserted area where the defendant asked her to help him to find a person that she knew from her previous work in the company.

“His friend left the car and the defendant offered me money to help him but I refused. He touched my breast and tried to strip me but I pushed him. He slapped me in the face and punched my left hand.”

Soon after, the defendant stopped himself and apologizsd to her.

The victim alerted Dubai Police and claimed that he tried to abuse her.

Dubai Public Prosecution charged the defendant with sexually abusing and physically assaulting the victim.

The next hearing has been scheduled for September 22.


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