Use only designated areas to cross roads, Abu Dhabi Police tells pedestrians


Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi Police have urged pedestrians to cross roads from designated places as several traffic accidents take place due to random crossing of roads.

Police said on Monday that violators of pedestrian crossing rules and those who cross roads from undesignated places will be fined with Dh400, while drivers who fail to give way to pedestrians at designated places will be slapped with a Dh500 fine and six traffic points.

The police said random road crossings by pedestrians are one of the main reasons for accidents.

It has been observed that many people cross the road at traffic signals even if they remain red. The police urged the public to avoid this and follow traffic signals at intersections.

The police also asked motorists to give priority to pedestrians and come to a complete halt when people are crossing the road.

The police asserted overbridges and underpasses on internal and external roads must be used by pedestrians wherever possible.

Abu Dhabi Police asked motorists to be cautious near pedestrian crossings and reduce speed as the safety of passers-by is the shared responsibility of both — pedestrians and motorists.


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