Amy Child’s explains why daughter Polly on the TOWIE reunion but not son Ritchie


Amy Child’s has opened up about her decision to let daughter Polly appear on television shows and on her social media but not her son Ritchie.

The TOWIE star, 30, decided to speak out following the ten year reunion of the ITV2 show this month that launched her showbiz career.

Since appearing on TV screens as the TOWIE’S bubbly red-haired vajazzle expert, Amy is now a proud mum to two children.

She welcomed daughter Polly in 2017 with on-off ex Bradley Wright and son Richie arrived a year later in 2018 with a man whose identity Amy has chosen to keep private.

Amy has been happy to let daughter Polly (pictured on This Moning) be in the limelight but not her son Ritchie

Amy has made some difficult decisions about her personal life after shooting to fame on TOWIE 10 years ago

Amy revealed she has been flooded with comments as to why she put Polly on the TOWIE reunion show but not her son.

“Putting her on the show was obviously something I needed to think about very carefully, especially as I don’t put Ritchie on social media.

“I want to clear this up too because I get a lot of messages on social media every single day saying ‘why do you always put up pictures of your daughter and not your son or why is Polly on the show and not Ritchie’. ‘Do you love your daughter more? etc’,” she told The Sun, adding that the criticism gets her down.

“I must get about 20 messages a day about Ritchie, but basically me and Ritchie’s dad agreed together not to put Ritchie on social media or TOWIE,” she explained.

Amy Childs gives fellow cast member Sam Faiers a vajazzle

Amy, Lauren Goodger, Lydia Rose Bright and Sam Faires arrive at the BAFTA’s in 2011

Amy said she will not put Ritchie on social media until he’s old enough to make that decision for himself.

“He is a beautiful little boy, he is like a mini-me and of course I love him every bit as much as Polly. Polly has a different dad and I made a different decision with Polly and it is that simple,” she went on.

The star said her daughter loves being on camera and said she’s ‘definitely going to be an Essex girl.’

“I would never force her to do anything she didn’t want to. At the moment she is a part of my life and a part of TOWIE,” she added.

Amy said it was a shame ‘King of Essex’ Mark Wright didn’t want to get involved in the reunion

Amy was happy to be filmed talking about her fond memories from the show

Amy also had some stern words for fellow original castmate Mark Wright who snubbed the show that made him famous by opting not to appear on the reunion special.

She vented: “Mark is a friend of mine but I think we have to remember where we have come from. The show has achieved so much. It has given us all amazing opportunities and lives.

“It is a shame Mark has chosen not to celebrate and be a part of that. It is the least we can do. Everyone loved Mark.

“He was known as the King of Essex. He’ll always be a huge part of the show and I’m shocked he’s chosen not to be there.”


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