Nikki Bella & Artem Chigvintsev’s 6 Sweetest Photos With Newborn Son Matteo


At just over one month old, Matteo Chigvintsev is already an Instagram star thanks to his famous parents, Nikki Bella and Artem Chigvintsev!

Nikki Bella gave birth to her son, Matteo Chigvintsev, on July 31, less than one week before her due date. After keeping her little guy off of social media for a few weeks, the proud mom, along with her fiance, Artem Chigvintsev, finally debuted Matteo in a shoot for People magazine at the end of August. Now, they love posting pics of him on Instagram to show off what life is like as new parents!

The first Instagram picture that Nikki posted of herself and Matteo was on Aug. 26, three weeks after he was born. The image was a close-up shot of Matteo’s face, with Nikki snuggling him in the corner. Her lips could be seen planting a kiss on his forehead, and he was staring straight into the camera like a pro! Nikki also revealed her son’s weight and length at the time of his birth — 7 lbs., 3oz. and 19 3/4 inches.

Then, on Aug. 31, Nikki posted a more recent, zoomed in shot of Matteo’s face. Again, he was glaring right at the camera as one of his parent’s hands rested near his head. The image was posted to celebrate Matteo’s one-month anniversary, and it was evident how much he’d already grown in just a few weeks. Matteo’s big eyes and tufts of hair were the center of attention in the pic, and fans couldn’t help but gush over how cute he was!

Before Artem left to quarantine and rehearse for Dancing With the Stars, he and Nikki took Matteo on a trip to the beach. Nikki shared pics from the outing on Sept. 1. Artem held Matteo close to his chest in a carrier, while Nikki hugged them both from behind and smiled for the camera. In one shot, she also kissed Artem’s shoulder to show even more affection. They truly are one happy little family!

That same week, Nikki got back to work on the podcast she hosts with her sister, Brie Bella (who welcomed a son of her own, Buddy, just one day after Nikki). With a newborn at home, though, Nikki was pulling double duty — she held a sleeping Matteo in her arms WHILE recording the new podcast episode. With a baby in one hand and a microphone in the other, Nikki proved that working mamas really CAN do it all.

Meanwhile, Artem also loves sharing shots of himself and Matteo on social media. After the People magazine cover came out, he posted a photo of a newborn Matteo laying on his chest with a smile on his face. “We did good,” he told Nikki in the picture’s caption. Artem planted a kiss on Matteo’s head in the picture, as well.

For Matteo’s one month birthday, Artem went shirtless and held the little guy in his arms once again. He looked down at Matteo’s face, as the baby smiled up at him. The photo’s caption also revealed Nikki and Artem’s nickname for Matteo — Teo! Plus, it sure didn’t hurt to see a glimpse of Artem shirtless, right?!


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