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David Arquette Reveals How He Lost 50 Pounds Training For Wrestling Return: ‘No Carbs’ & More


Before making his triumphant return to pro-wrestling, David Arquette had to get in fighting shape. The ‘Scream’ star shares EXCLUSIVELY with us his ‘ridiculously’ tough diet and intense workout routine.

Forget John Cena, Kazuchika Okada, Becky Lynch, Orange Cassidy, or Roman Reigns. For some, the biggest name in the professional wrestling world is David Arquette. Nearly twenty-years after winning the WCW World Heavyweight championship, David, 48, laced up his boots and got back into the “squared-circle,” resurrecting a wrestling career many fans thought was dead. This journey is captured in the new documentary. You Cannot Kill David Arquette, but before the Scream star could slip on the spandex, David had to drop some weight. He eventually lost about 50 pounds, and he credits his Ready To Rumble co-star, Diamond Dallas Page, for this transformation. “I started by doing DDPY. It’s Diamond Dallas Page’s yoga program,” David tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “It’s not really yoga but bringing strength into yoga, and that helped me get on the road.”

“I cut out all carbs,” David tells HollywoodLife, “like really ridiculously. And then you just start eating smaller meals. You don’t eat a lot for dinner. Try not to eat at least 3 hours before bedtime. No carbs at all. Then exercise, weights, dijitsu with Rigan Machado, boxing — I did with Ricky Quiles. I did wrestling training with Peter Avalon, so I did all of that sort of cardio stuff and then weights and then hikes. That was a lot of it.”

BEFORE: David Arquette Arrives at The Art of Elysium Golden Globes Partyin 2017 | AFTER: David attends the 10th Anniversary Gala Benefiting CORE at The Wiltern Theatre on Jan. 15, 2020 (Mega/AP)

In addition to showing his comeback, You Cannot Kill David Arquette also captures David’s ongoing struggle with maintaining his sobriety. He entered rehab in 2010, and continues, to this day, to battle his alcoholism and drug addiction. “This whole film kind of caught me at a place where I was having a really hard time and really beating myself up,” David says to HollywoodLife. “Yeah, a lot of that stuff is connected to beating myself up, so I’ve gotten to a place where I like feeling in control of myself and treating myself with kindness and not sort of doing things that are self-destructive.”

A slimmer David Arquette attends A GoGo Opening Reception at Mash Gallery in Feb. 2020.

“Good art comes from being vulnerable, from challenging yourself, from pushing yourself, from being open and honest,” he adds, “so I wanted to be open and honest and lay it all out there. I’ve been a pretty open book my whole life anyway.”

You Cannot Kill David Arquette follow’s David’s unthinkable wrestling comeback, nearly eighteen years after he won the WCW World Heavyweight championship. During a match on the Apr. 26, 2000 episode of WCW Thunder, David and Diamond Dallas Page took on Eric Bischoff and Jeff Jarrett in a tag-team match with the stipulation that whoever got the pin would win the title. David pinned Bischoff and boom! He was now the champ. He held the title for twelve days and made his final appearance for WCW on Aug. 13, 2000. In 2018, he announced his return to wrestling, taking on frequent rival/recently turned “friend”  RJ City. It wasn’t a one-off. Since his return, David has continued to wrestle sporadically, including taking on Nick Gage in a bloody deathmatch.

You Cannot Kill David Arquette is playing in drive-in theatres now and arrives on Digital and On-Demand on Aug. 28.


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