Gem stone astrology: Yellow Sapphire Pukhraj will remove your poverty in 30 days

Gemstone Yellow Sapphire Pukhraj

Pukhraj represents the planet Jupiter. It is a very valuable gem of yellow color, whose work capacity is manifold. According to astrology, wearing a topaz reduces the financial problems especially. At the same time, it is also said that the person who wears topaz starts getting financial benefits.

One gets good health, economic benefits, longevity and honor after wearing topaz. Girls who are delayed in marriage must wear topaz. Couples who have a longing for a son must also wear Pukhraj as Jupiter is both a husband and a son, but it must be kept in mind that one should consult an experienced astrologer before wearing any gemstone.

Method of wearing Yellow Sapphire

If you want to wear Jupiter Dev’s gem, Pukhraj, then put 3 to 5 carat Pukhraj in a gold or silver ring and wear it on any Shukla Paksha on Thursday after the sun rises. For this, first put Anguthi in milk, Ganga water, honey and sugar solution, then burn the name of five Agarbatti Brahaspathis and pray that O Guru Dev I am holding your representative Gemstone Pukhraj to get your blessings. , Please give me your blessings!

After this, take out the ring and turn 108 from the top of the incense sticks and chant the ॐBrahm Brihaspatiya Namah, then after touching the feet of Vishnu Ji and hold it in the index finger! To achieve the good effects of Jupiter, wear top quality Ceylon topaz only, start giving effect within 30 days of wearing topaz and give full effect for about 4 years and then become inactive! After becoming inactive, you can wear a new topaz again. For good effect, the color of topaz should be light yellow and stain free, there should be no defect in topaz, otherwise auspicious effects may be reduced.

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Gold can also be a substitute for Pukhraj

If a person has money problems, he can also wear a golden, although it will not show the effect of Pukhraj but diagnoses a lot of problems. It works almost like topaz by wearing a golden topaz in a brass or copper metal with the same method as Pukhraj. It is believed that even if the person will be given a golden suit, then in a few days the financial condition of the person himself will be so good that he can wear the real topaz in gold. Although it is a legend, but if the Ganges water or not the water flows. 

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