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Motihari DM set an example, helping the elderly drifting in a sharp stream of water irrespective of his life

The NDRF jawans and DM Apex Kapil Ashok helped the elderly who were flowing in the flood of flood water. During this, the bees attacked everyone, despite all this, with the understanding of the situation, the old man rescued the old man.

Motihari : Floods in Bihar have started to take a formidable form. Due to the continuous rise in the water level of the rivers, dams have started breaking in many places. In the same sequence, the Bhawanipur dam broke down in Bhawanipur village of Sangrampur block of Motihari late Thursday. Due to the dam breaking, flood water entered many villages. The worst affected village in this incident is Bhawanipur because it is very close to the broken dam. Here, after receiving information about the incident, 4 teams of the administration and NDRF reached the spot and have engaged in the rescue operation since 1 pm.

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During this time, Motihari DM not only brought people to a safe place like a hero but also did such work which was highly appreciated by all. In fact, the NDRF Patna team was engaged in flood rescue work after the Bhawanipur dam broke at 1 pm. Here, DM Apex Kapil Ashok and SP Motihari along with the NDRF team were making people aware to leave their homes.

In the meantime, an elderly person was reported to have washed away the water. As soon as the information was received, he extended a boat towards them, and saw that the elders were stuck with the help of trees, after which the DM rescued them from there. But during this time, the bees came out of the bushes and cut everyone sitting in the boat. Nevertheless, everyone helped the old man by saving himself with understanding, while motor boat driver constable Dhirendra Kumar drove the boat out of the bush. Not caring about the running blood and pain, the DM and the rest of the people followed their responsibility and presented the mishal.

When asked about NDRF Jawan Ranjan in this regard, he said that “The dam break was reported late last night, since which we have been continuously engaged in the rescue. Everyone has been rescued. But the dam is going to break, Because of this, water is crossing the state highway and entering another village. Rescue operation will be conducted there too. The NDRF team is working very hard, but the work done by DM sir today is an example. Seeing this work of his It seems that there should be more such DMs. “

Asked about the relief being given to the rescued people, he said that “all have been evacuated to safe places. Many have gone to their relatives’ houses. Some of those who are left are in government school And some have been put on state highway by putting up tents. All have been provided with food and clean drinking water. The team is constantly visiting the area. “

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