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Palmistry Lifeline, know what it says about you

Palmistry Lifeline, know what it says about you

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Palmistry Lifeline : Know how Lifeline predictions are done

There is a saying that the lines of the hands cannot be changed. What is written in them will have to be suffered. In hand science, it is believed that in these lines of hands, the account of the entire life of a man is kept. These secrets of a person’s life can be understood from the lifeline. The siege of the lifeline is in the lower area of ​​the thumb. It is also considered to be the region of Venus. The lifeline begins from the middle of the index finger and thumb to the brain. It spreads like an arc. According to Jyotishacharya Shivkumar Sharma, many mysteries can be traced from the lifeline.

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The life line gives information about the life of the native and related events. Reading the life line helps to know the age of a person and diseases etc. in his life. The lifeline in the person’s hand should be long, thin, clean and without any hindrance. It is not good if the person is crossing small lines in many places on the lifeline in his hands.

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If a line bears a star sign somewhere on the life line, it means that the person may have spinal cord diseases. The white dot on the lifeline indicates an eye problem. A black spot, mole or cross on the lifeline means that an accident may occur in the near future, but if the lifeline crosses it, it means that the person will overcome problems in life.
(On the information given in this article, we do not claim that these are completely true and accurate and adopting them will give the expected result. Which has been presented keeping in mind only general public interest.)

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