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Raja of Bharatpur man singh got justice after 35 years, 11 policemen including DSP convicted in fake encounter

Raja of Bharatpur man singh got justice after 35 years, 11 policemen including DSP convicted in fake encounter

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Raja Man Singh of Bharatpur, in a rage, hit the helicopter and the stage of the election meeting of the then Chief Minister Shiv Charan Mathur with his jongge. The next day, he died in a police encounter. However, this encounter was under the scanner ever since.

Fake encounter case of Raja man Singh

Mathura.  District and Sessions Court of Mathura on Tuesday in the case of Fake Encounter in the fake encounter case of Raja Maan Singh of Bharatpur State of Rajasthan Gave the verdict District Judge Sadhana Rani Thakur, while delivering the verdict in the famous Raja Mansingh murder case, found 11 policemen guilty under sections 148, 149, 302 of IPC. 11 policemen including the then CO Kan Singh Bhati and SO Virendra Singh were convicted. At the same time, the court acquitted 3 policemen accused of manipulating JD. Punishment will be announced on Wednesday. Raja Mansingh’s family members expressed happiness over the court’s decision. Daughter Deepa Kaur said that it took 35 years to get justice, but the people of Rajisthan got justice.

What is the matter?

In fact, on 21 February 1985, Raja Mansingh was killed in a police encounter when he was in the Deag grain market during the election campaign. The main accused in this fake encounter case, DSP Kan Singh Bhati, including 17 policemen were accused.

A day before the encounter, Raja Man Singh was accused of breaking the helicopter and platform of the then Chief Minister of Rajasthan Shivcharan Mathur with his Joga vehicle. For this, two separate cases against Raja Mansingh were also instituted. At the time of the incident, there was a Congress government in Rajasthan and Shiv Charan Mathur was the Chief Minister. The CBI had filed a charge sheet against 17 other policemen including DSP Kan Singh Bhati in this case. The hearing of this case is going on in the District and Sessions Court of Mathura.

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Raja rammed his jeep police into CM’s helicopter 

 According to the events, before this assassination, Raja Man Singh hit the helicopter of the Chief Minister and the stage of the election meeting with his jongge. Two separate cases were registered against him in 307 against his companions. On the 21st, the police received information that Raja Mansingh is going to carry out an incident again. On this information, CO Dig Kan Singh Bhati and the then Police Officer Dhirendra Singh went to arrest Raja Mansingh along with other policemen and the policemen encountered Raja Mansingh in the grain market. CO Kan Singh Bhati signaled Raja to stop, but Raja and the police collided. According to the police, a shot was fired in self-defense in which Raja Man Singh and his two companions Sumer Singh and Hari Singh were injured and all three died before reaching the hospital. The police arrested Vijay Singh and others of the murder case from the spot and instituted a case of 307 against them. Later in the night, Vijay Singh was called to Bharatpur and Vijay Singh was released on personal bond. Two days later, a case in this case was written on behalf of Vijay Singh.

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The CBI investigated

the case and the preliminary investigation into the murder was carried out by the Rajasthan Police and after that the investigation of the case was transferred to the CBI. In March 1985, the CBI started an investigation and after deliberation sent chargesheet in this case against 18 people. One of the accused Mahendra Singh who was the driver of CO Kan Singh Bhati was discharged and a charge sheet was filed against 17 people. During the hearing, 3 accused have died, currently 14 people are accused, which is to be decided today.

The trial in the hope of justice for 35 years was held till 1989 in Rajisthan. After that, the transfer application was placed before the Supreme Court on behalf of the plaintiff and after the transfer from the order of the Supreme Court, this case was transferred in Mathura district and now the matter is being heard by the Sessions Judge of Mathura. In which the final debate has been held and today the decision is to come after the testimony of 78 witnesses from the prosecution and defense in this case.

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