New jerseys for The Atlanta Hawks revealed for their next season and Twitter goes crazy

NBA : Atlanta Hawks new jersey

Atlanta Hawks fans might not be seeing their team play in the NBA’s bubble this season, but they have another reason to be excited.

The Hawks unveiled a new jersey design for next year, and it’s actually pretty solid!

Now, they’re not really anything special. They’re super simple and minimal. Basically, the jerseys are just a callback to their old team colors made popular from the 80’s and 90’s.

But they’re much, much better than…well, whatever they’ve been wearing from the past few seasons. Those things are atrocious.

But these? If they were to be graded on a jersey scale from Mavericks gross City jerseys to the Heat’s Miami Vice jerseys, the Hawks new uniforms would be closer to the latter. And that’s a good thing.

Take a look.

That black, red and yellow one is especially sweet. Twitter loves them, too.

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[amazon box=”B07H97FRX5″ “small”]  

Yeah, these definitely do the job. They aren’t the flashiest jerseys but no one could objectively say these look bad. They aren’t reinventing the wheel. But good design doesn’t have to — it just has to be good.

And, again, at least they aren’t those awful Mavericks jerseys.

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