Kangana Ranaut called Tapsee Pannu B-grade, actress reacted – My result is open now

In a recent interview Kangana Ranaut made a big attack on Tapsee Pannu regarding nepotism. He had told Taapsee a B grade actress. Actress Taapsee Pannu has ridiculed Kangana on this occasion.

Actress Kangana Ranaut does not leave a single chance to be in the headlines through her statements. She herself works in the Bollywood industry, but most of her statements are seen against this industry. In the Sushant case too, Kangana has taken a dig at Bollywood. Not only this, he has also heated up the debate about nepotism through this case.

Kangana told Taapsee a B grade actress

In a recent interview Kangana Ranaut made a big attack on Tapsee Pannu regarding nepotism. He had told Taapsee a B grade actress. Kangana said- People like Taapsee will say that they have no problem with nepotism, they like Karan Johar very much, but then B grade actresses like you who are also good in appearance, why not get work. Your being is the biggest example of nepotism. Now this statement of Kangana became increasingly viral. The opinion of the fans definitely appeared, but actress Taapsee Pannu ridiculed Kangana on this occasion.

Taapsee made fun of Kangana

Taapsee has made a tweet on social media without naming her. She has reacted to the statement of B grade actress. Tapasi tweets- I have heard that after tenth and twelfth, now our results have also come. Our grade system is now official. But till now the value system was used on the number system, right?

Taapsee Pannu has hit out at Kangana without any comment. Many people have reacted to Taapsee’s tweet. There are many people who are still trying to surround Tapsee. Kangana Ranaut’s statement is right in her eyes and Taapsee has supported nepotism because of being in the good book of people like Karan Johar.

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This is not the first time Kangana and Taapsee have come face to face. Even before this, Kangana’s sister has targeted Tapsee on many. Kangana herself has also whipped Taapsee on several occasions. In such a situation, it has become common between the two.

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