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Palmistry – sign of triangle in the hand

Palmistry – sign of triangle in the hand

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Palmistry - sign of triangle in the hand

Palmistry : sign of triangle

The presence of the triangle in palmistry is discussed in detail. One of them is a triangle. It has both auspicious and inauspicious results. According to Pt. Abhi Bharadwaj, if there is a triangle on the age line, then the person has longevity. The triangle on the brain line gives the person the fruits of higher education and sharp intellect. 

A triangle on the heart line indicates a person’s fate in old age. A person attains best health when there is a triangle on the health line. The triangle formed on the sun line brings international success. Any symbol made in the central part of the triangle has special significance. If there is a symbol of the cross inside the triangle on the palm, then the person is going to hurt others. If there is a cross in the center of the triangle, then the person is blind. A person is infamous in love when there is a star sign inside the triangle. If there is a sign of a circle inside the triangle, then the person cheats on his girlfriend. palmistry sun line

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A person acquires expertise in the field of Tantra-Mantra when there is a triangle on Mount Shani. If this triangle is corrupt then the person is a big thug and a cheat. The presence of a triangle on this mountain gives evidence of the Jataka being religious, benevolent and altruistic. At this place, when the Sadosha Triangle occurs, one finds condemnation in society, failure in life and hindrance in growth. The person with the triangle symbol on Mount Mercury becomes a successful scientist and also gets success in business abroad. At this place, when a defective triangle is formed, the person also ends his accumulated capital and gets a bad name in society by going bankrupt in business. marks on hand

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