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Video of Haryanvi actress Shilpi alia Mahi chaudahry firing revolver goes viral, husband was sued for assault

A video has surfaced of the Haryanvi model and actress firing a revolver from Shastrinagar J-block in Meerut’s Nauchandi area. Police has been ordered to investigate the matter. However, the police are dismissing this video as Delhi. The model has been in constant discussion for the last five days. The first model had beaten her maid and after that on Thursday night she was attacked by some people at home.

Sharyapi nagar J-Block resident Haryanvi model and actress Shilpi aka Mahi Chaudhary lives with her daughter. On Saturday morning, a video of Mahi went viral on social media, in which she is standing on the roof of a house and firing with a revolver. After this video went viral, police officers set up an investigation. It is being ascertained from where the incident occurred and whose revolver it is. However, the police is trying to explain the case as a petition. The police have no answer as to why the aerial firing was carried out. The discussion even goes so far that some policemen of Nauchandi police station are familiar with the model, due to which the maid was compromised in the fight and now her husband has also filed a case without investigation. 

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SP Meerut City Akhilesh Narayan Singh said that the model has filed a lawsuit against her husband on Friday. A video of Mahi in which she is firing from a revolver has surfaced. Where this video is made, when and who made it, all the police are finding out. Orders have been given to investigate the matter.

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