Petrol and diesel prices increase for the 11th consecutive day, know how much you will have to pay now

New Delhi: In this phase of lockdown, common people have to loose their pockets more. On Wednesday, the prices of petrol and diesel were increased once again. While petrol increased by 55 paise, the price of diesel was increased by 60 paise. This is the 11th consecutive day when oil companies have increased fuel prices. During this time, petrol prices increased by a total of Rs 6.02 while the total increase in the price of diesel was Rs 6.04.

Know the rate of prices in their respective cities

City petrol diesel

Delhi 77.28 75.79

Mumbai 84.15 73.69

Chennai 80.86 73.69

Kolkata 79.08 71.38

Fuel prices rise for the 11th consecutive day

Despite the steep fall in oil prices in the international market, people in India are not getting relief. Earlier, the opposition Congress had asked the government to withdraw the increased petrol and diesel prices. But on Wednesday, oil marketing companies raised prices for the 11th consecutive day.

On Tuesday, petrol prices were increased by 47 paise and diesel prices by 57 paise. Let us tell you that the rate of air consumption is affected due to the imposition of sales tax and VAT in the states. After 82 days, oil companies have started daily revision of fuel prices. Earlier, due to Corona virus and lockdown, fuel prices in the country were stable for 82 consecutive days. Companies had postponed the rule of changing prices daily for some time. Let us tell you that after reviewing the prices, the prices of petrol and diesel are fixed daily.

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