WhatsApp account will now be able to run on four devices simultaneously

According to reports, WhatsApp is working on multi-device feature, under which one account can be run on four different devices.

Instant messaging app WhatsApp can soon bring a new feature for its users. It is believed that WhatsApp is working on the multi-device feature and users will soon get the multi-device feature. Through this feature, users will be able to run their one account across multiple devices.

There are reports that WhatsApp is working on this feature and soon it will be introduced for the beta version. However, no official announcement has been made about the feature from the company. But it is believed that this feature will soon be available to users.

Still works on a device

Right now, you cannot use an account of WhatsApp on different devices simultaneously. The app does not support multi-device. But in a dual phone Android phone, two WhatsApp accounts can be run simultaneously.

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Whatsapp also gave this feature

Apart from this, WhatsApp is going to bring search feature. Under which you can search any old message based on the date. An icon of the calendar will appear on the screen for this feature. For this, when clicking / touching the search bar, when the keypad appears, a calendar icon will appear in it. By selecting this icon, the user will be able to choose any date or date range and then will be able to see the messages at that time.

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