Palmistry : These lines of hands tell you in which field you will succeed

The lines in our hands reveal many things about our fate. According to palmistry, the fate of a person is considered by the lines of the hand. The straight lines made in the hand also tell you in which field you will get success or which career or profession will be beneficial for you. Let’s know the lines of hands and their relation to career and business. 

If the place of Guru Parvat has emerged in your palm, then you can do well in the field of education. If you make a career in the field of management, engineering, medicine, politics, government, senior officers, teachers and astrology, then you can get quick and big success. (Know abour Love marriage in your life

The Shani is impressive for those in whose palm Shani Parvat rises higher. If this is also in your palm, then you will be successful in life but you will have to work harder. Engineering, researcher, scientist, archaeologist, flower business is good for you in terms of career. Such individuals are also successful in contracting and real estate business.

Those who have the Mount of Surya in their palm get great success in electronics, advertising, painting, decoration, government jobs and work related to government sector.

Those who have a higher place of Mercury mountain in both the palm are more likely to succeed in their business. Being in good condition of this mountain, you can make a career in banking, commerce, writing, journalism, advocacy, science and medicine business.

If the Venus mountain has emerged on someone’s palm, then that person can make a career in advertising, music, art, decoration, readymade clothing business or beauty industry.

If a lunar mountain is raised in the palm, then such person’s moon is strong. Such people are successful in the fields of music, art, writing, journalism, color stage, literature and tour and travels. They also get benefits from the government sector.

Those who have Mangal Parvat in their palm get such success in the fields of army, police, security agency, sports, land related business, and mining etc.

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If a line in the palm runs from the end of the palm to the little finger, you can achieve great success in the business world. You can also do well in the field of banking and commerce.

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