Moradabad, UP : A woman unhappy with her husband’s second marriage shot and killed second wife

Moradabad In Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh, a woman unhappy with her husband shot dead his son outside the house. The police gave information about this. Police said that accused Shabana has been arrested. Shabana is the first wife of a transporter Mohammad Zakir. Zakir married another woman Alia a few years ago. Currently Alia was seven months pregnant.

Sources close to the family said that the two women often had an argument over the phone and husband Zakir was aware of the tension between his wives. SSP Amit Pathak said that the husband has been missing since the incident. Shabana has been arrested from the crime scene and a 9 mm pistol used in the murder has also been seized from her.

Alia’s niece Muskan told that we were returning after buying medicines, when Shabana suddenly came from behind and pushed them down. He then fired four rounds at Aaliya, injuring her badly.

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It is being told that Oroopi Shabana did not make any attempt to escape. A large crowd of people had gathered at the scene. In such a situation, she roamed around the body of Alia with her gun.

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