Kanpur, UP : Tantric sacrificed 10th student, tongue also cut

Kanpur. In Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, a tantric killed a student of 10 and killed him. Cut the student’s tongue and offered Tantra-Mantra. His body was kept hidden all night in a pile of straw. Seeing the opportunity, the body was thrown outside the village among the bushes. When the student’s body was found on the afternoon of Friday 29 May, there was a stir in the village. Police and forensic team inspected the scene of the incident. The police has arrested the tantrik and his two sons.

Prem Sagar is a farmer living in Prem village located in Bithoor police station area. Prem Sagar was ill for a long time. He is survived by wife Sushila, two daughters Komal, Neetu and two sons Govind and Sachin. The responsibility of the whole family was on the shoulders of his son Govind. Govind (16) was a student of class 10 in a private school. Along with this, Govind used to shop chowmein in the village. Govind’s elder sister had a wedding on 15 June and was supposed to go to Tilak on 5 June. Family happiness has turned into mourning.

Vishnu Sharma, who lives in the village, works as a carpenter and also knows tantra-mantra. People from the surrounding villages including villagers used to come to perform tantra-mantra. On Thursday night, the son of Tantrik Vishnu Sharma came home to pick up Aman student Govind. When Govind did not return home late at night, the family started searching for him. When the family of Govind reached the tantric’s house, the whole house kept silence.

The family of the tantric kept silence, then the family pleaded with the police

On Friday, the morning of 29 May, Govind’s family pleaded with the police. The police took both the tantrik’s sons into custody for questioning. After this, on Friday afternoon, information was received that the body of Govind was lying in the bushes outside the village. Police villagers who reached the spot saw that Govind’s tongue had been cut off.

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Along with this, his body had bruises. He has been murdered and strangled. According to the information, Govind was tortured till late Thursday night. After killing him, the body was hidden in a pile of straw. On Friday morning, the dead body was removed from a pile of straw and thrown outside the village. According to CO Ajay Kumar, the police system is investigating the issues like Mantra transactions and love affair. The entire development is being investigated.

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