Tiktok star Faizal Siddiqui clarifies from his side about infamous the acid attack video

Faisal Siddiqui. Make a video on Tiktok. The stars there are called. There are more than 13.4 million followers. One of his Ticketok videos is going viral at the moment. On Twitter, people share the video and say that Faizal is advocating an acid attack.

What is visible in the video?

Faizal is telling a girl, ‘ He left you, for which you left me.’ Saying this, they throw some liquid on the girl, which is already in their hands. There is dyeing and painting on the face of the girl, due to which it seems that that liquid probably burned her face.

There is a Twitter handle – Intrepid Saffron. It put Faizal’s video and said that Faizal is a member of Team Nawab and brother of Aamir Siddiqui. Asked if Faizal is not promoting acid attack on girls? This video was also tweeted by a BJP leader Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga. Tagged National Women’s Commission Chairperson Rekha Sharma and said,

‘Please watch this video.’

Rekha Sharma informed after watching the video that she is taking action against it. Wrote,

‘Maharashtra DGP has been informed about this. He has been asked to take action against Faisal Siddiqui. Ticketcock India has also asked that this person’s account be blocked. However, after the National Commission for Women has said that the video has been deleted from the account.

Apart from this, Rekha Sharma also gave a copy of the letter sent to the DGP, on which it was written:

The Commission remains concerned about the safety of women. Cyber ​​space is being used to promote crime against women, it is very disturbing. In view of the sensitivity of the case, it is appealed that strict action should be taken under the IT Act 2000 and whether action is taken, a copy of it should be sent to the Women’s Commission by mail or fax.

What does Faizal say?

Faizal himself surfaced after the ruckus on social media. Put a post on his Instagram account and said that he was not promoting acid attack. It also said that his entire video was not put on social media, after putting a small part, it was shown that he is promoting acid attack. According to Faizal, he threw water on the girl in the video. They say

‘I am also putting the first part of this video. Where you can clearly see that I was drinking water. And please try to understand that it was water. Who drinks acid? ‘

After this Faizal put the full video, in which it is seen that before drinking the dialog the girl is drinking something with glass, which looks like water. Then he threw the same liquid on the girl’s face.


After putting this video, Faizal talked about the girl’s makeup. said,

‘Talk of makeup, then the girl seen in the video is Faby. A professional makeup artist. I have made many videos together with him before. With this same make-up (viral video makeup), she has also done some more videos. This is just one way to put your art in front of people. That makeup does not represent any acid attack survivor in any way. I am saying again that this is his way of showing his art.

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After this Faizal put out another video, in which Faby is seen with the same perticular makeup.

On the things that are going on on social media about acid attack, Faizal says that this is only a way to target people. It is being misunderstood and ideas are being created without any reference. They say

‘This video was uploaded about a month ago. I do not understand why people are talking about it right now. I think that this is happening because of the battle that is going on in the TicketLock vs YouTube right now. Making such allegations is disappointing and disturbing. However, I have removed that video, because I am not interesting in promoting any kind of controversy and I also apologize to those people who were sad because of this video. I am saying again that this video does not promote any kind of inhumanity. Hope you will support.

Faizal says that as a social media influencer, they know what their responsibility is.

New debate started

People are saying that even if acid has not been thrown, but the horse has thrown water. Isn’t that wrong? Some people are seen defending Faizal, and some protest

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