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7 youth drowned in Son river in Gadhwa, Jharkhand, 5 dead bodies found, 2 missing, screaming in village

Garhwa. 7 youths drowned in Son river in Jharkhand’s Garhwa district on Saturday, May 16, 2020. The bodies of 5 youths have been removed from these, while the divers are searching for the bodies of two others. The whole village screamed as soon as the news of more than half a dozen youths drowned together in the morning.

The incident occurred near Dumarsota village in Kandi block of Garhwa district, located on the Jharkhand-Bihar border. Seven youths who took bath in the Son river drowned here. The relief team led by Kandi BDO is camping at the scene. A team of divers are in search of two dead bodies. All people immersed in the river are between 19 to 30 years old. His identities are Brajesh Singh (30), Alok Mishra (30), Ajit Mishra (19), Neeraj Mishra (21), Ashwini Dubey (25), Rajan Dubey (21) and Sushil Mishra (25).

Garhwa Deputy Commissioner Harsh Mangla said that at six in the morning, eight youths of Dumarsota village went to bathe in the Son River. During the crossing of the river, seven youths went into the deep waters of the river. A young man managed to get out of the river. He went to the village and informed the people.

As soon as the information was received, there was chaos in the whole village. The experienced people of the village were engaged in searching the dead bodies. Divers were also called from nearby. Everyone started searching for the dead body. DC has said that the people of the administration are present on the spot and are trying to help in every way possible.

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As soon as the information about the drowning of the youth reached the village, there was a cry. A large crowd of villagers has gathered on the banks of the Son River. Earlier in the primary information it was said that 8 youths have drowned in the Son river. However, it later became clear that 8 youths had gone for a bath. 7 of them drowned and one was successful in saving his life.

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