When a beggar kept Chief Minister of Jharkhand waiting for an hour

Ranchi Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren and Minister Mithilesh Thakur waited for 45 minutes to meet a beggar named Ravidas. Through this step, CM has tried to send a message to the people of the state that the Chief Minister is his servant. It is often reported in the media that MP-MLAs of such and such region never went to their voters after the elections.

The Chief Minister has gone away from the land after becoming a minister, but in the meantime the term has changed since Prime Minister Narendra Modi started calling himself Prime Minister instead of Prime Minister. Though this word does not mean much to the dignity or power of the Prime Minister, but the message that Modi tried to give to the public through it was largely successful. This message explained to the people that in democracy, the Prime Minister is also a public servant, not a king.

Due to this, Ravidas Rajkumar Ravidas is forced to beg, belongs to a village in Hazaribagh district. He came to Ranchi about 4 years ago and was nurturing himself and his family by collecting rickshaws. A few months ago, Ravidas’s rickshaw was stolen, after which he started living after garbage. Due to the lockdown, the shops of junk have been closed, due to which starvation came in front of Ravidas.

Now Ravidas sits near Ranchi’s Xavier College and beg. Due to reduced movement of people in the lockdown, they could not even get alms. When the sad story of Ravidas was published in the local media, Drinking Water and Sanitation Minister Mithilesh Thakur bought a rickshaw from a personal fund and got it delivered to Ravidas at the hands of the Chief Minister. Waiting for Ravidas happening in CM house, it is being told that on Sunday, Ravidas was informed from the Chief Minister’s office that CM Hemant Soren has called him to give a rickshaw.

Ravida, who was begging, could not believe it. Then he reached outside the CM residence with his begging bowl and luggage bag. Here he was standing outside the gate with a bowl. Ravidas took some time to reach the CM residence. For this reason, Chief Minister Hemant Soren and Minister Mithilesh Thakur waited for 45 minutes with a new rickshaw. As soon as Ravidas arrived inside the CM residence, his facial expressions were saying a lot.

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Ravidas looked happy after getting a new rickshaw. This incident is being discussed a lot on social media. Ravidas said that he does not like begging, but was doing so under compulsion. Now, we will start working hard again by driving a rickshaw and extinguish the stomach fire.

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